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All Baby & Child is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, and producers of the ABC Kids Expo


All Baby & Child (ABC) is a historic partnership between Independent Specialty Stores and the Manufacturers who support them. Our united goal is to promote the continued growth and prosperity of independent retailers and manufacturers in our industry. Our objective is to produce trade shows and events that enable ABC to fund critical needs in our industry, provide educational opportunities to industry constituents, and grant assistance to worthy charitable organizations while always protecting the financial health of the trade show.


Lea Culliton

Chairman - HABA USA

Courtney Santillano

Vice Chairman - Crib And Kids

Ken Kaiser

Treasurer - KidCo

Jeff Seymour

Secretary - Jeff Seymour Enterprises

Doug Tritton

Immediate Past Chairman - Storkland

Jon Ligori

Director - Westwood Designs

Mark Simon

Director - Brixy

Yvette Muller

Director - Baby's 1st

Kate Tanner

Director - Kidstop

Mark Lim

Director - Lollaland

Coming Soon

Director - Retail Rep

Coming Soon

Director - Industry Rep