Media Center Thumb Drives/Advertising/Sponsorship Tips

Increase Your Return On Investment!

One of the great benefits of being an exhibitor at the ABC Kids Expo is the exposure to various media channels your company may achieve.  At the 2018 ABC Kids Expo we had attendees from over 100 different media companies present during the show.  But don’t think it stops there.  Many of the publications which are in attendance are part of larger multi-media companies comprised of television, radio and print media divisions.  One contact can “throw open the doors” for your company.

The ABC Kids Expo helps to ensure that you reach the media in attendance by providing a Media Center. This room is set aside just for the purpose of providing space to our exhibitors for media thumb drives containing information about their company and their products.  This is your chance to promote your new products, discuss improvements to existing products, or changes with your organization.  The bottom line:  If you’ve got something you want the media to know about your products and business, this is your forum.

Your media thumb drives needs to be comprehensive but not cumbersome and direct but not dull.  Sound like too much?  We are going to offer some tips to help plan for this crucial part of attending the ABC Kids Expo and help to ensure you maximize your return on investment.

1.  You have a different target audience with your media thumb drive than you do with your retailer information and brochures.  Do not make the mistake of simply taking some “extra” brochure’s you may have for your booth and stick them in the Media Center.  Our savvy media representatives will focus on the eye catching professional presentations first and everything else second.

2.  Your media thumb drive should easily identify your company name and booth number at the ABC Kids Expo.  Once you have the media’s attention, you want to make it easy for them to locate you for any additional information or questions they may have. 

3.  Understand the “Do’s and Don’ts” - A few critical things to keep in mind as you compile your information for your media thumb drive:
Do include:

  • interesting and timely information
  • company bio information - corporate structure, executive staff chart, sales figures
  • complete product information - specs, distribution methods, pricing; good product photos
  • key contacts with positions, phone numbers, and emails

Don't include:

  • outdated, false or exaggerated information
  • photos of your CEO or top executives
  • product sample or prototypes
  • laptop, iPad, or other portable electronics for presentations

4.  Place your information on a thumb drive so that it is easy to fit into a bag or briefcase.  Save on fancy, expensive folders as they do not impress the media. Exciting newsworthy information is what they want.

5.  Copy is critical:  Whether you work for a large or small company, it is difficult to remove yourself from the “hype” surrounding a new or improved product.  Owners, marketing & communication groups and sales people often project a level of anticipation and excitement in the market for their product.  Design innovations, product updates & refreshes, and new products are created with a certain amount of “fire” by a team or an individual.  Whether your company is less than a year old or has been around for over a century, you have to forget all you “know” about your company or the product and approach the development of your media thumb drive as if the following assumptions are true:

  • The media has no prior knowledge about your company.
  • They have no prior knowledge about your products and services.
  • They have no prior knowledge about anything you have to tell or sell them.

If you create your media thumb drive using these assumptions and write copy accordingly, then the end product should help to start the “fire” that you had in the development process.

6.  Make it Personal and Emotional:  Remember the “interesting and timely” information we said you should include in your media thumb drive?  Build this part of your presentation around the emotional arguments that drive all of us such as safety, fear, and exclusivity.  Can you save your prospects time or money?  Can you make their jobs easier?  Is it something they can’t live without?  They don't care what your product does as much as they care what your product does for them (or their readers).

We want to remind you that media attendance at the ABC Kids Expo will be about 100 organizations, representing both trade and consumer media.  Each may have 1-3 individuals attending the show.  Plan accordingly.  You won’t need 1000 media thumb drives.  Stock the Media Center appropriately (not overstocked) with your media thumb drives.

Because some media representatives arrive and go directly to the expo floor, we recommend that you also keep some media thumb drives in your booth in case the media stops by.  This means you should also have a media spokesperson in your booth at all times, even over the lunch hour.  If you are a small business or first time exhibitor who has minimal staffing for the booth, please keep this in mind, and ensure that all individuals helping to staff your booth are familiar with all aspects of your products and product lines.  Be prepared to explain your product and its importance in easy-to-understand, non-technical terms.

Advertising will provide you with out-of-booth exposure to thousands of buyers at a cost you can afford.  The Virtual Show Directory also serves as a reference tool for the show attendees throughout the year.  You should also consider additional high impact marketing and advertising opportunities to make sure that buyers are aware of your products and booth location.  To reach attendees prior to the show, while they are pre-planning their show agenda, you should participate in the T.E.A.M. Mailer which arrives to over 15,000 recipients three weeks prior to the show!

For maximum visibility, consider sponsorships among lanyards, badge holders, product locators, re-charging stations, Naturally Kids Park, New Product Showcase, carpet sticker logos, and industry reception.  All sponsors of $5k and higher are provided with additional sponsor recognition on specialized signage, on 30’ sponsor recognition column wraps, as well as high visibility in the Show Directory, on the ABC website, a card inside the T.E.A.M. Mailer, and in attendee tote bags.  Sponsorships are highly effective in promoting your company, demanding brand recognition, and providing you with maximum exposure!