What to Bring
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • A small hand vacuum, "Zoom Broom" or equivalent
  • A small trash can with bags
    (Trash removal is a contracted service)
  • Consider bringing your own table, chairs, table skirt and iron and ironing board, if needed

You may also rent the above items and other booth equipment through Fern Exposition.

Check your GSC Exhibitor Kit to confirm final carpet and drape colors and coordinate signage and display materials.

Contact GSC ahead of time to make arrangements for any electrical drops needed (see the exhibitor kit). Exhibit halls have 30' ceilings and "arena" type indirect overhead lighting.

If you bring your own lighting, review the exhibitor kit provided by the GSC for Rules and Information" and pages discussing Halogen Lighting. If your lighting does not conform to guidelines it will be removed or your power turned off. The fire marshal visits the event several times during setup and show days and focuses on booth lighting.

Don't forget extension cords if you need them.